Archives: February 2010

Want to see a JavaFX app that potentially millions of people will be using in the coming weeks?

The Winter Olympics 2010 website has a JavaFX app on their website for browsing the medals won by each country, and it looks pretty slick. You click on a Country and a fan wheel projects out with details of each of the athletes and the event they’re competing in. There’s a nice ‘Powered by JavaFX’ logo in the top right too :-)


The uptime command on Linux shows 3 numbers for the CPU load on the system. The first number is load in last 1 minute, next is 5 mins, and then 15 mins.

1.0 means cpu is loaded 100%. 2.0 would mean there twice as much load as the CPU can handle, or while 1 request is processing (assuming 1 is the max work CPU can perform at 100% usage), then 1 is waiting in a queue.

Oracle completes acquisition of Sun – websites rebranded as Oracle

Sometime at the end of last week, Sun websites started appearing with Oracle logos and branding, and * websites are now redirecting to * websites.

Everyone has plenty of questions of course, so there’s a useful faq here, along with confirmation that JavaOne will still occur this year, but will be rolled into OracleWorld, with ticket options to attend both or one or the other.