Deploying a Docker container to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

In my previous post, I looked at using the EB cli to deploy a Spring Boot app to Beanstalk. If you have an app that you have packaged in a Docker container, you can prepare this for deployment to Beanstalk using the EB cli command:

$ eb init -p docker application-name

This is described in the docs here.

This command inits the app for deployment, creating a default .elasticbeanstalk/config.yml file that looks like this:

environment: null
group_suffix: null
application_name: beanstalk-docker-with-mounted-volume
branch: null
default_ec2_keyname: null
default_platform: Docker
default_region: us-west-2
include_git_submodules: true
instance_profile: null
platform_name: null
platform_version: null
profile: null
repository: null
sc: null
workspace_type: Application

Next create a Beanstalk environment for deploying your app:

$ eb create environment-name

This will take a few minutes on your first deploy as it provisions everything required for running your app on Beanstalk, including an Auto Scaling Group and an EC2 instance.

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