AWS connect-streams api testing locally: issues and workarounds

To initialize the Connect CCP using amazon-connect-streams api in a webpage locally there are several steps to configure. The most likely errors if you haven’t followed all the steps is a X-Frame-Options sameorigin error which you’ll see in your devtools console:

… or a Content Security Policy error if you haven’t added your origin url to Connect’s allowed origins:

Add your origin url to Connect following steps here. If you’re loading from an http server locally, you need to add the full url and port, e.g. https://localhost:8080

Allow cookies: if your default browser settings are to block third-party cookies from different origins, this will prevent the app from loading (you’ll get the same X-Frame-Options error which is confusing). Make sure you allow all the cookies from [your-connect-instance-name] – in the screenshot these should all be allowed:

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