Creating AWS RDS Oracle instances for personal dev projects

AWS (as in any cloud provider) for spinning something up ondemand for a quick test. Need an Oracle database? Couple of clicks and you’re done.

With the RDS options on AWS be careful of the EC2 type if you’re trying to keep costs down. For example if you leave the DB Instance Size at ‘Standard’, you only get db.m4 and db.m5 instances which are definitely not your cheapest options:

If you select ‘Burstable’, the smallest instance size you can select is a db.t3.small:

According to the Simple Monthly Calculator, at 100% 24/7 usage for a month the cost is around $57/month:

If you’re usage for development is going to be low, and/or if you can stop the instance when you’re not using it (and only pay for storage), for example at 10% usage for a month you can get the cost down to around $8:

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