For no particular reason, a Sparc workstation is on it’s way – part 2: it arrived!

It arrived a couple of days earlier than expected, ahead of the other multiple parts that I needed (keyboard, mouse, scsi disk etc).

It’s a bit grubby and scratched up, but not that bad for an older machine:

It’s incredibly heavy though, wow, it must way at least 60 pounds.

Inside looks like there is the Creator 3D graphics card, and a SunPCI card (more on that later).

I have a Sun5c keyboard and mouse, so plugging them in, attaching a monitor and powering on …. nothing.

Uh oh.

I started to go down the path of running the diags over the serial connection, and using my Atari ST as a terminal, but before I got to far with that I though I should check basics and make sure everything is well seated.

Turns out both cards were only half in their slots. One more try, but still nothing. Next, pulled the CPU board out and gave it a blow and then reinserted…. power on, fans running, diags run and we have a banner:

Next up, waiting until Monday for my SCSI disk to arrive with disk sled, and then we’ll start a Solaris install!

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