Upgrade to Windows 8 for $39.99?

I primarily use Mac OS X and Linux at home, although for work I’m still obliged to used Windows 7 as it’s the corporate desktop standard. I occasionally run some Windows games on XP using Bootcamp on my Mac, but I’ve never felt the need to shell out the cash for Windows 7, it just seems like too much given that I’d only rarely use it.

Microsoft just announced their upgrade prices for Windows 8, and at $39.99 it’s almost in the trivial cost ballpark, low enough that I might upgrade my XP in Bootcamp and not think twice. I imagine at this price point this is the effect that Microsoft is looking for, given the trouble they’ve had in recent years trying to get people to upgrade from their older Windows versions. Given a low enough price that it’s a no brainer, I’m sure a number of people will jump on board and upgrade. Any more than that though, I know I wouldn’t. I’d still rather something in the $20 to $30 price range like the typical Mac OS X upgrade prices though.

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