Configuring Oracle Express 11g on a development machine

If you install Oracle Express 11g on laptop running Windows that is normally part of a domain and then try and run that machine elsewhere connected to a different network than normal, you may need to tweak the hostname value in your tns confiig files.

For example, my work laptop has a domain name set which is specific to my work network. When running from home and connected to the internet I’m not part of this domain, and this seems to mess with your tns config.

Browse to this location (or similar):


Edit each of the .ora files in this location and replace your fully qualified hostname  and domain name for the HOST property to be just I’m not sure if this means your listener is no longer listening for connections outside of your machine, but if this is a development machine this doesn’t matter.

Stop and restart your database (XE is the default for Oracle Express), and you should be good to go.

tnsping XE should now respond with OK.


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