Setting up Nagios system monitoring on Ubuntu8.1 server

Latest package is nagios3 – to install:

<code>sudo apt-get install nagios3

A good article on setup and config is here.

To restart the Nagios server after making config changes: sudo /etc/init.d/nagios3 restart

Resolving CGI auth issues

Part of the install instructions above told me to create a user ‘nagios’, but the default config is setup to allow ‘nagiosadmin’ access to monitor services. Accessing the wepages you get this:

<code>"It appears as though you do not have permission to view information for
any of the hosts you requested... If you believe this is an error, check
the HTTP server authentication requirements for accessing this CGI and
check the authorization options in your CGI configuration file."</code>

To fix this, edit /etc/nagios3/cgi.cfg, and replace ‘nagiosadmin’ everywhere with ‘nagios’ (assuming the user you created was called ‘nagios’)

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