Deploying a Maven-based web project from Eclipse

Here’s the problem: you start with a Web project in Eclipse, created via one of the Wizards. At some point you convert it to a Maven project, but when you deploy the project from Eclipse, your web content in /src/main/webapp is not deployed, because Eclipse is not aware of the Maven folder structure.

I’ve done this multiple times in the past and usually work out a way to build a ear/war and manually deploy it to my server or via a script instead, because I can’t work out how to get a converted project to deploy in Eclipse 🙂

The magic to get this to work is to add the maven-war-plugin to your Maven pom.xml file:



Firefox ends support for the HTML tag?!

Wow! In a way it’s strange that this didn’t happen sooner. I wasn’t actually aware that Chrome, Safari and Opera had all already dropped support?

Can’t say I’ve seen any sites for a number of years that actually still use <blink>, but I do remember plenty of sites ‘back in the day’ that made extremely annoying use of this tag.

Fixing Twitter Bootstrap rendering issues in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer’s interpretation of CSS compared with all the other browsers sometimes bewilders me. To get Twitter Bootstrap to render at all like the other browsers, apparently it’s important that you have to specify the doctype, otherwise it seems to render layout related CSS all over the place. Just include this at the top of your source:


I found this as an answer to this post on StackOverflow.