Let’s Encrypt certificate expired on older Macs

I have a number of older machines that I use on a regular basis, so I’m no stranger to the struggles of not being able to browse current websites on older machines with older browsers and the typical SSL/TLS support issues that you run into. I was surprised to see this error this week on my 2008 Mac Pro running Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and a latest version of Chrome:

Looking at the certificate for any site not loading it looks like the certificate has expired:

I’m not seeing this on my other later/current machines though, so clearly something on these older machines is no longer getting updates. Browsing around a few other sites and seeing the same issue on many sites so it was not just limited to a single site, so I realized something else was going on. Some Googling found this article:

Following the steps to download the updated certificate from LetsEncrypt and install it into Keychain did the job.

Firefox ends support for the HTML tag?!

Wow! In a way it’s strange that this didn’t happen sooner. I wasn’t actually aware that Chrome, Safari and Opera had all already dropped support?

Can’t say I’ve seen any sites for a number of years that actually still use <blink>, but I do remember plenty of sites ‘back in the day’ that made extremely annoying use of this tag.