Reprogramming and flashing the Oracle Code Card from Oracle World/Code One

I don’t know why I didn’t realize this sooner or even bother to check, but the ‘Code Card’ with the e-ink screen that was given away at Oracle World a couple of years ago for an interactive lab has a ESP8266 chip on it that can be flashed with new code using a USB cable and the Arduino IDE.

The original repo for the Arduino source for the card has unfortunately had the source for the card removed, but luckily there’s a fork that still has the code, here.

There’s notes in the Arduino folder about flashing the card. These mostly worked for me apart from I found this sequence worked best:

  • connect the card to your pc with a USB cable
  • power on the card with the switch on the side
  • hold the A button, don’t let go (this is important)
  • if you have the serial tool window open in the Arduino IDE you’ll see the messages per the docs
  • Start the Upload of your new code
  • When the upload is connected and starts uploading, then you can let go of the A button

There’s a post with some more details here.