Spring Roo @RooEntity from 1.1.x replaced in 1.2.x

If you have an older Spring Roo project created from Spring Roo 1.1.x and you’re trying to imported it to a more recent STS version and/or trying to upgrade to a later 1.2.x version of Spring Roo, you may be seeing these errors:

RooEntity cannot be resolved to a type

@RooEntity was replaced in Spring Roo 1.2.x with @RooJpaActiveRecord. Replace this in all your Entity classes and you should be good to go.

This is discussed in this thread.

@RooJpaActiveRecord is covered in the docs here.

Adding new views to a Spring Roo app using Tiles

Spring Roo by default uses Tiles to construct your views. Without some digging through the generated configuration files, this is not as obvious as you’d think, so by dropping a new jspx file in one of your views subdirs and trying to forward to it from your Controllers will give you an error like this:

Servlet.service() for servlet ContestEntry threw exception:
javax.servlet.ServletException: Could not resolve view with
name 'somedomain/someview' in servlet with name 'WebappName'

Each of your view subdirs beneath /WEB-INF/views/ has it’s own views.xml file that declares it’s Tiles definitions. To add a new view, you need to add both an entry in the corresponding views.xml file and drop a new jspx file in the same views dir