Google’s Music Store announcement today

Google will be having a press conference today at 2pm PST to announce something related to an online music store. cnet will be live blogging the announcement here, and live streaming will be here.

There’s been some speculation which of the major labels are on board, ranging from only one to all but one. Have to see how it pans out this afternoon. It’s obviously going to be linked in with their existing service which allows you to store all your music online and stream to your desktop or Android device, but have to see if there’s any more interesting features that haven’t been announced yet.

The most interesting rumor is that the major labels have agreed to let users of Google’s service share music between their friends, which would tie music in with Google+?

Competing music cloud offerings

Everyone has (or is about to announce) their own cloud based music offering right now. I’ve got almost all my mp3s of every CD I own uploaded to Google Music, the new albums I buy from Amazon mp3 are stored in their cloud offering, and now Apple is expected to launch their offering.

The film industry apparently has a cloud based offering cooking, called Ultraviolet, which is expected to layout the standards for offering cloud based movies. Pretty soon, all music and video physical formats will disappear, or at least become niche like vinyl.

Now we just need to get bigger pipes to our houses, oh, and remove the ridiculous capping on monthly bandwidth usage. AT&T – if you implement the 150GB bandwidth cap for my neighborhood then we’re switching to Comcast cable.

Amazon beat Apple and Google and launch their cloud-based music service

Google and Apple have long been rumored to be working on cloud based music storage/streaming services, but neither have yet announced anything definite. Google talked about their new service a year ago but nothing has showed up yet (other than someone finding the code for the service in a version of Android and this week’s rumor that they have begun testing internally). Apple meanwhile have been busy building a massive data center, but no details on what they will use it for.

Well, Amazon has beaten them both to it and this morning announced their new Amazon Cloud Drive service, which allows you to store your files on their servers and access from anywhere.

Strange when you think how several years back the original site offered a ‘locker service’ to keep your music online, but we just weren’t ready to access music remotely at that point, and so it disappeared.