Installing and hosting a Joomla site on OpenShift

OpenShift have an example Joomla app ready to deploy on github, but it’s currently not working – once you’ve deployed it, it gives you a page with this error:

Infinite loop detected in JError

Given that it’s relatively simple to setup Joomla, I set up a new app on OpenShift, downloaded the latest install for Joomla, and then pushed it up to OpenShift. Using this approach you can walk through the admin screens to configure your site and point it to your hosted MySQL, and it’s just as easy as installing it locally.

Here’s the steps:

1. Create your PHP app on OpenShift:

rhc app create -a your_app_name -t php-5.3

2. Add the MySQL cartridge:

rhc app cartridge add -a your_app_name -c mysql-5.1

3. Download Joomla. Unzip the download into the php add inside your app dir that was created by ‘rhc app create’

4. Add, commit and push your changes to OpenShift:

git add .
git commit -m "Joomla initial commit"
git push

5. Now hit your URL for your hosted app, and then walk through the setup steps as normal. When prompted for your MySQL config, use the values given in step 2 above.

Fixing Joomla Purity CSS layout issue in Firefox

I just discovered that the jSeblod CCK extension for Joomla has some layout issues with Firefox. Luckily there’s some posts in the Joomla forum with similar issues, although not necessarily related to jSeblod, but the issues are related to the display of HTML tables with the Purity template.

The fix as pointed out in the forum is to add a ‘float:left’ to the CSS for tables. Tracking this down to the exact table being using using Firebug, editing this css file:


and adding this CSS fixes the issue:

table.admintable {

Menus not working on Joomla backend

Seems /administrator and /Administrator both work to access the admin pages for Joomla, but /administrator is the correct link to use, otherwise the urls are wrongly constructed and none of the menu or buttons will work.