Replacing GoDaddy’s free Workplace Email with Email Forwarding

For a number of years since I’ve had my domain registered with GoDaddy, I’ve taken advantage of the free domain email that came with your registration. Apparently this service is now being discontinued, leaving you the option to pay for Office365 email through GoDaddy as their replacement, or taking your business elsewhere.

Included with you domain there’s also the option of ‘Email Forwarding’ :

Checking in GoDaddy support online here, it looks like at least for now you can replace your hosted email with email forwarding, so your incoming emails to your domain email addresses can be forwarded elsewhere (like GMail):

Moving GoDaddy DNS to AWS Route 53

Before changing the DNS settings on GoDaddy, set up Route 53 to manage DNS for your domain first, because you’ll need the AWS DNS server names when updating the GoDaddy DNS config.

In the AWS Console, go to Route 53, then Hosted Zones, and press the ‘Created Hosted Zone’ button:

Enter your domain name, select ‘Public Hosted Zone’ and press ‘Create’:

At this point Route 53 will have assigned a list of DNS nameservers for your domain – remember this list for when you update the GoDaddy config

Next, press ‘Create Record Set’, select Type A record and enter the name of your subdomain, e.g. www, and enter the IP address of your server that this name should resolve to:

Now let’s update the GoDaddy config. By default, here’s the DNS entries managed by GoDaddy when you register a domain with them:

First step, cancel the GoDaddy nameservers. Do this from the ‘Change’ button:

Change the type to Custom:

Then enter the dns server names from Route 53 and press ‘Save’. You should now be done. Assuming the setup on Route 53 has propagated, hit your domain name in a browser and hopefully you’re up and running.