Comparing screenshots of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002, 2004 and FSX

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is almost here and I thought it would be interesting to look back at how the scenery has evolved since early versions. I have FS 5.1 (DOS), FS 2002, 2004, and FSX as well as numerous scenery add ons.

Here’s a side by side comparison over Southend, England:

FS 2002 Over Southend
FS 2002 Over Southend with Just Flight South East England VFR Scenery
FS 2004 Over Southend
FSX Over Southend

The Just Flight VFR scenery is pretty good in comparison to the stock scenery. The water textures definitely improved in FSX, but what is it with the colors? Pretty sure the sea at Southend does not look like the Caribbean.

Ok, one more comparison, let’s take a look flying out of Napa in FS 2004:

FS 2004 flying West from Napa
FS 2004 flying West from Napa

And now in FSX:

FSX flying West from Napa

And now with Blue Sky Scenery:

FSX with Blue Sky Scenery, flying West from Napa

It’s about 2 weeks to go before FS 2020 is released. Will be interesting to compare how good the Bing satellite image based scenery is compared to previous FS versions.