Android tablets a plenty. New Nook Color, Amazon Fire coming soon, and quad-cores on the way

There’s an amazing variety of Android tablets out there right now. Barnes and Noble are giving their press conference this morning on their new Nook Color, which they’re saying outdoes the coming soon Amazon Fire in terms of a media consumption device.

Things are about to start getting real interesting though with the new nVidia Tegra 3 chipset which is rocking quad cores. Given that the Tegra 2 is the current powerhouse for all the fastest Android devices, this one is going to be a rocket for sure. The latest eee Transformer Prime from Asus is expected to be the first tablet to be released with the new processor, and a benchmarking app has already showed up with records of benchmarked Transformer Prime running the new chip, and surprise surprise it’s multiple times faster than anything currently out there.

Amazon unveil new Kindle device this morning

No live video feed from Amazon’s press conference this morning but cnet are live blogging from NYC here.

Update: looks like a touch enabled color Kindle is $99. Not sure if this is the Android powered tablet or just a touch enabled Kindle. If that’s the tablet then that is a bargain at that price.

Update: $99 for touch enabled e-ink Kindle, $79 for non-touch Kindle and ad supported. No details on tablet yet.

Update: here you go… Kindle Fire 7″ Android based tablet… $199. That’s an awesome price. This thing is going to sell like hotcakes. Pre-order now, ships Nov 16.