What excites prospective CS students nowadays?

When I went to tour prospective uni and poly campuses in the UK in 1989 the thing that excited me most was to tour their data center and lab rooms to see what facilities they had onsite. A lot has changed nowadays now that we rely on cloud services instead of on-prem, but as far as I know most unis still run their own on-prem data centers.

When I was visiting UK unis and polys I was excited to see labs of Sun workstations with high res 21″ monitors, Apollo workstations for CAD work, and large rooms of terminals to access the campus mini, like a Prime.

I was just browsing the University of Cambridge website for Computer Science and spent 30 minutes trying to find out what facilities they have on campus … and couldn’t find out anything about what hardware they have onsite. I know times have changed but this seemed strange to me. What excites you nowadays about joining a particular university if you are about to sign up for a CS course?