Adobe Creative Cloud apps: Native M1 or using Rosetta?

Following on from my previous post about the Creative Cloud desktop app requiring Rosetta to run, there is a page on the Adobe site that highlights which Adobe apps have been packaged for Native M1 and which are still only Intel based and require Rosetta to run here.

The majority of apps have been updated to run on M1 already:

While the apps are still Intel only and require Rosetta to run on M1:

Installing Photoshop from the Create Cloud desktop app correctly identifies running on M1 and gives you the option of the native M1 version by default, or even picking the Intel version if you want to run it on Rosetta:

Adobe Creative Cloud – Native M1 or Rosetta?

Attempting to download Adobe Creative Cloud app for my new MacBook Pro M1Pro I seem to have found my first non native M1 app, and I’m prompted to download Rosetta:

If just the Creative Cloud app needs Rosetta but Photoshop is native then I’m ok with that, but thing I need to do some reading to confirm what versions are available and try installing again