Blockbuster closes the door on HD-DVD in favor of BluRay

Blockbuster video rental stores have decided to only carry BluRay hidef DVDs based on the rental volumes they have seen at 250 of their stores involved in a trial carrying both HD formats.

This may be a nail in the coffin for HD-DVD and is the first time so far that a major retailer has picked one format exclusively in favor of the other. BluRay has significantly more hardware in people’s homes already due to the BluRay player being included as part of the PS3.

HTML rendering issues in Windows version of Safari

Probably the most interesting ‘new’ news to come of of the Apple conference this week was the announcement of a Beta version of their Safari browser available for Windows. However before you download and ditch Internet Explorer for good (why haven’t you done this already for Firefox?), check out this review on fosfor gadgets that shows some screenshots of some major HTML rendering issues that look like it is not ready for primetime just yet.

Apple iPhone to support web apps via browser, but no native app support for 3rd party developers?

Since developer’s initial dismay over the lack of support for 3rd party applications for the iPhone, Apple discussed support yesterday at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference for web applications via the Safari browser on the phone.

If Apple’s main concern is the possibility of 3rd party apps compromising security and/or reliability on the platform, then opening up the possibility of Web2.0 style AJAX enabled apps is a step in the right direction, but you wonder how much Apple is missing out on taking advantage of running 3rd party native apps on the pltform.