SQL Server users may face royalty payments to Timeline

Microsoft licensed technology from Timeline Inc which is currently included in SQL Server.

If I understand this right, there are terms in that agreement that are carried over to Microsoft’s customers and therefore users of SQL Server that regard the use of that technology and the recognition of patents for data-mart and data-warehousing which Timeline holds.

Apparently what Microsoft did not make clear to its customers is that if the users add their own code or modifications to enhance SQL Server in any way, they are liable to pay royalties to Timeline for using their technology, and must pay for a patent license to use those technologies.

Timeline appears to be threatening legal action against Microsoft customers who were misled by Microsoft, and according to Timeline could be liable to pay millions of dollars in damages.

This could also open the doors for a flood of legal action against Microsoft as they are sued by customers who believe they were misled by the SQL Server license agreement.

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Google buys Blogger.com

Pyra Labs, who developed the online blogging service at www.blogger.com, has been bought by Google.

In January 2003 blogger.com had over 1 million users of their free service (but apparently not as many using the paid service)

It will be interesting to see how and what Google will do with this technology and how they will roll it into their existing service offerings.

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