I’ve worked with Java for over 15 years at this point developing enterprise systems, but I recently realized I’ve never done anything with 2d graphics, animation, and more specifically, I’d never developed a game. This is my first attempt to develop a simple platform type game (based on the Nintendo Game and Watch LCD game from the late 1980s). As part of developing the game I also developed a simple, generic 2d game framework which the game uses. I’ll share both on GitHub shorty.

Update 01/12/13: Given the recent security vulnerabilities with the Java Applet plugin I’ve removed the link to the applet version for now. The games does run also as a Java application – I’ll include a download link shortly.

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  1. I have been doing this exercise for but it now working out for me.if you just help me a bit would be nice..

    (Write an ARM7 assembly program that performs the following task:

    Read a list of integers into memory (repeated use of SWI_RdInt will work) from a file named “input.txt”
    Sort the list of integer in memory using any sort algorithm. I prefer selection sort for its simplicity, generally decent performance and ease of implementation.
    Write all the integers out to STDOUT. One integer per line.
    You must “modularize” your code by implementing as many reasonable functions as possible. It is easy to see the need for the following functions in selection sort:


  2. Kevin,
    I know this is the wrong place to post this, but wondered if you could contact me, and help with a problem i am having with WSPR and my Raspberry PI and the TAPR board……….couldn’t find another way to contact you , sry de K8mcn 73!
    ps your RCARCS 2016-07 Raspberry Pi.odp was awesome…….

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