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Mac Docker 1.12.0-rc3-beta18 native client and insecure registry

A while back I set up a local Docker Registry to share images between different machines, and configured it as an ‘insecure registry’ since it’s just for testing. With the latest native Docker engine for Mac OS, I was having difficulty pushing to the Registry, it was just fail with a cryptic message:

$ docker push

The push refers to a repository []

Get http: server gave HTTP response to HTTPS client

I noticed in the Docker menu from the menu bar that there’s a Insecure Registries section under Preferences, Advanced Options. Adding the IP and port of my Registry there fixed my problem, now I can push:

$ docker push

The push refers to a repository []

3d4f4a09f67b: Pushed 

fc91d495516f: Pushed 

5f70bf18a086: Pushed 

532820a7256b: Pushed 

ed62ae893def: Pushed 

994d5442545b: Pushed 

f097d343f850: Pushed 

latest: digest: sha256:c71c6743924243d6117050a1b5b95adf4effee7c9059315c0bfe500f67e0d16b size: 260

Mac OS X Yosemite

Ars Technica has a fantastically detailed review (25 pages) of the latest OS X release, Yosemite. I’m browsing though the article as my 5.1GB download is slowly coming across the tubes. Maybe sometime tonight it will have completed and I’ll be ready to install 🙂

In the meantime, I’m wondering whether I like the ‘flat’ UI look, and prefer the 3d style icons and shadows in my dock, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

Mounting USB drives on an Ubuntu VirtualBox guest on Mac OS X host

If you’ve come across this already then this might be obvious, but in order to mount a USB external drive on an Ubuntu VirtualBox guest running on a Mac OS X host, you need to unmount the drive in Mac’s Finder first. Then using either click the USB icon in the status bar in your Ubuntu guest and you’ll see the drive un-greyed out (when it’s mounted on the Mac it appears greyed out and you can’t select it) – click it and it will mount automatically. Or you can do the same thing from the VirtualBox menu, Devices/USB.

Browsing (and deleting) old Time Machine Backups from another Mac

In general, most things on the Mac are pretty intuitive and easy to find/use/work out. Now and then though I come across some feature that seems to have been buried and only find it via someone else talking about it online. for example, how to browse Time Machine backups on an external drive from an older Mac.

I have an external drive that I use for my Time Machine backups, and used it from my older MacBook Pro, and also use it for my newer MBP. The drive filled up, so I was trying to work out a) how to browse my older backups, because by default they weren’t browsable via the Time Machine UI, and b) how to delete some of them.

Turns out, thanks to these tips, if you hold Option while the Time Machine dropdown menu is displayed from your toolbar, the option ‘Browse other backup disks…’ appears – from there you can select the Time Machine backup from another Mac.

While in the Time Machine UI, to delete a whole backup from a prior date, click the ‘cog’ icon and you have the option to delete backup.

Unmounting Bootcamp to use as a drive for Virtual Box

Part of the instructions for setting up Virtual Box to boot from your Bootcamp drive on Mac OS X walk you through setting up a permanent approach to unmounting your Bootcamp drive. I didn’t follow those instructions, instead created a script that I can use to run manually to unmount and open the permissions when needed, i.e. when I want to boot from VirtualBox:

diskutil umount /Volumes/BOOTCAMP
sudo chmod 777 /dev/disk0s4

The instructions on some sites also assume that your Bootcamp drive is partition disk0s3, but on my machine it’s disk0s4. If you run ‘diskutil list’ you can get a list of your partitions to work out which is your Bootcamp partition.