Archives: July 2004

Eclipse WebTools project

Eclipse have a ‘WebTools’ project underway on their site, to develop and add tools to support JSP, Struts, and other J2EE technology (EJBs, Web Services) within the Eclipse environment.

Depending on the quality and success of these plugins, I wonder if IBM’s Websphere Studio Application Developer (built on Eclipse and already offering these features) will take a hit when a similar toolset for Eclipse becomes available for free (of course you won’t get the integrated test Websphere server that you do with WSAD, which if you are targeting that platform is its major plus point)

Gavin King’s comments on EJB3.0

Gavin has a good article on EJB3.0 in his blog and also on

He makes an interesting suggestion that the new lightweight programming model of EJB3.0 with it’s annotations might make make the use of session beans a more suitable replacement for the current use of HttpSession in the web tier. There has been a trend over thae last couple of years to not use Stateful session beans, in favour of using Stateless instead. App server vendors have been saying for quite some time though that the perceived overhead of using Stateful beans is just not founded on any real fact (anymore?).

EJB3.0 is going to change EJB development considerably – this is the spec that EJB1.0 should have been….

Sun launch ‘Java-Powered’ logo promotion

Sun have started a ‘Java-powered’ logo advertising promotion that was launched this month at JavaOne.

The promotion aims to include a Java logo on devices that include a Java JVM inside, which already includes millions of cell phones shipped world-wide. Sun has the opportunity to cash in on the success of J2ME shipped with mobile phones if they can pitch this right – Java is already out there in the consumer market, the tough part now is increasing consumer awareness to cash in on the popularity.

Resolving Classloader issues

O’Reilly have a good article on their site on resolving classloader issues – they cover both the more simple ClassNotFoundException, as well as the more confusing NoClassDefFoundError.

I don’t think I had come across NoClassDefFoundError in 8 years of working with Java, until the last year where I have been developing with IBM’s Websphere Studio Application Developer. It works with your projects as WAR, JAR and EAR files expanded to your filesystem anduns them like this within it’s Websphere test server environment. If you don’t have the correct JAR dependencies set between projects then you are guaranteed to see some NoClassDefFoundErrors…